Archant book pays pictorial tribute to Queen

Archant’s Eastern Daily Press and Norwich Evening News have opened their archive of pictures of the Queen to produce a special commemorative book of her historic reign.

The 164-page glossy tribute covers royal occasions and visits to the region from the Queen’s early days to the present day. It contains nine decades of reports and pictures, to mark Elizabeth II’s milestone as the longest-serving monarch in British history for some 23,226 days spanning 63 years.

Editor-in-chief, Nigel Pickover, said: “As the nation celebrates her incredible reign, we have even more reason to look back with pride in Norfolk. For our two daily newspapers hold an archive unlike any other, thanks to the work of generations of photographers and writers.

“Their modern counterparts have been through our incredible collection, which covers everything from candid moments to grand occasions, from the depths of mourning to the joy of a new arrival.

“We have chosen some of the very best pictures to illustrate this tribute.

“In so many ways, her Majesty has been, for so many millions, a mother to the realm we hold so dear - and that is why I dedicate this book to her reign and utterly astonishing devotion to the nation.”

The book was compiled by royal correspondent Chris Bishop, with weeks of research done by librarian Rosemary Dixon and was designed by graphic journalist Annette Hudson.

Archant Director of Circulation, Darron McLoughlin, said: “We are delighted to produce the product celebrating such a momentous moment in history. Judging by early demand so are our readers and members of the public generally. With a limited print run, pre-booked orders in the hundreds and copies already purchased via our branch offices, we expect this to be one of our most successful one-off publications ever.”

Long to Reign Over Us is now on sale to the public at £9.95. Copies can be purchased at retailers, newsagents and branch offices across Norfolk or bought online with free postage in the UK at