BMJ and Asian Development Bank launch Coronavirus Information Centre

Healthcare knowledge provider BMJ has agreed a partnership with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to launch a new online Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information Centre for healthcare professionals tackling the pandemic.

BMJ and Asian Development Bank launch Coronavirus Information Centre
Mitali Wroczynski: “The scientific evidence on Covid-19 is changing rapidly…”

The programme provides nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals in ADB’s 49 member countries in Asia and the Pacific region with free, readily available, and convenient access to the latest evidence-based guidelines and tools for the diagnosis, management, and prevention of Covid-19.

This includes relevant clinical decision support resources from BMJ Best Practice, e-learning modules from BMJ Learning, procedural videos, and patient information leaflets on Covid-19. Content will be available in English, Mandarin, and Russian.

“The scientific evidence on Covid-19 is changing rapidly and healthcare professionals are finding it challenging to keep up with the latest guidance in a sea of information and misinformation,” says Mitali Wroczynski, Director of Global Health at BMJ.

“With face-to-face training currently unrealistic, and further waves of infection expected, there is an urgent need for simple, clear, interactive online training and support that is easy to access,” she adds.

“BMJ is committed to ensuring that clinical information relevant to this pandemic is shared rapidly and openly to inform the public health response and help save lives. We believe this new partnership with ADB will make a real difference to healthcare professionals and patients.”

Patrick Osewe, the Chief of the Asian Development Bank’s Health Sector Group, says: “There is a pressing need to provide evidence-based information to patients, carers, and the general public to dispel the myths and misinformation about the pandemic. We are delighted to partner with BMJ on this vital initiative”

“This exciting new partnership means that healthcare professionals will be supported throughout the pandemic and get free and immediate access to trusted, regularly updated evidence-based guidelines and tools to support their patients whenever and wherever they want.”