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BMJ announces new agreement

A new agreement between BMJ Impact Analytics and the Office of Health Economics has been announced.

BMJ announces new agreement
Anca Babor: "This agreement marks a significant milestone in our journey.”

Global healthcare knowledge provider, BMJ, and the Office of Health Economics (OHE) has announced that BMJ Impact Analytics will now be available to researchers at OHE.

Developed in collaboration with Overton, BMJ Impact Analytics is a tool to track and share the real-world impact of medical and health research. BMJ Impact Analytics helps academic institutions and funders discover where research has been cited in clinical guidance and health policies worldwide, added the publisher. It shows the impact of research on patient care (citing BMJ’s leading decision support tool, BMJ Best Practice) and provides citations in context.

Tim Watson, director of marketing & communications at OHE, said: “Understanding the impact of our research on healthcare policy-making globally would be impossible without BMJ Impact Analytics. The scale and depth of information we can access, and the ease with which we can navigate it, is hugely impressive. The value of this tool goes far beyond discovering where we are cited. We see it playing a major role in identifying future collaborators as well as additional avenues for sharing our research. All of this will enhance our ability to make meaningful contributions to the field of healthcare research and positively impact patient care worldwide.”

Anca Babor, director of customers and markets at BMJ stated: "This agreement marks a significant milestone in our journey. With BMJ Impact Analytics, we are poised to equip OHE with powerful insights on the real-world impact of health research, helping advance healthcare policies globally."

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