Computer Arts ‘Money Issue’ features Celloscreen Scratch-off Latex

The front cover of the ‘Money Issue’, which was designed by Andrew Gibbs, features a special scratch-off latex effect, velvet varnish and a gold foil that was applied at Celloglas Leicester site.

With the issue focusing on ‘need to know’ facts about earnings in the design world, Computer Arts designed a scratch card effect front cover, that uses the silver latex to hide salaries beneath the inks for reader’s to guess before they scratch away the results.

Each of the processes were filmed whilst in production which were then made into a behind-the-scenes video in which over 1,500 people have already viewed on the Compute Arts YouTube page. Nick Carson, Editor of Computer Arts, commented; “The magazine production video has proven really popular with our readers, as it gives them a unique chance to see how the cover was made.”

The Velvet varnish along with a gloss spot UV were placed in one pass on the Heidelberg, a machine capable of running 15,000 sheets an hour, as part of the Cellocover service, whilst the gold foil went through on a separate pass in the foiling department and finally a screen applied silver latex.

Steve Middleton, Sales Director at Celloglas, commented: “Using unique specialist finishes in unusual ways such as the silver latex to hide messages on the covers of magazines has always managed to attract the attention of readers. This cover is no exception and shows the power that print and print finishing can have in terms of readership engagement”.

The ‘Money Issue’, which was released on the 9th of January 2014, has already received a large amount of praise from readers on all social networks, says Celloglas. Comments on Twitter include: “Love the new @ComputerArts scratch panel cover!” and “Advance copies of the new @ComputerArts just into the office- fancy scratchy cover causing quite the stir!”

Nick Carson added: “This cover is first of several themed issues that we will be releasing throughout 2014, and so far with the comments and feedback we have received from this issue cover, we are extremely excited to continue working with Celloglas to create and use more specialist finishes in the future”.

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