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Country Life publishes guide for modern-day gents

Country Life magazine is publishing its first Gentleman’s Life supplement, following the success of its inaugural Gentleman of the Year Awards and its much-debated  ‘Gentlemanly Commandments’.

With a focus on British luxury goods, Country Life delivers its guide to a gentleman’s necessities and aspirational purchases, covering everything from fashion, classic cars and watches to fine food, wines and international property, say the publishers.

The issue’s agony uncle, Kit Hesketh-Harvey, solves social and sartorial dilemmas, including how to pronounce chorizo, eat canapés, and whether one ‘should go starkers in the gym changing room’.

For more direction on gentlemanly behaviour there is advice on writing proper thank you letters – which the magazine argues haven’t gone the way of the dodo. Meanwhile, Tom Parker Bowles urges readers to forget blow-torches and liquid nitrogen with his five never-fail recipes that every man should have up his sleeve.

Mark Hedges, editor of the weekly magazine, said: “Although all men have the Y chromosome in common, to be dubbed a gentleman by one’s peers is the ultimate accolade for the male of the species. I am delighted that this supplement will guide so many to that prize.”

Country Life’s Gentleman’s Life supplement is published with the issue on sale on October 29.