Dubsat signs long-term deal with Independent News & Media

Dubsat has signed an exclusive long-term agreement for its Adsend service with Independent News & Media, which publishes 22 titles including the Irish Independent and the Belfast Telegraph, to handle the validation and digital delivery of all print advertising across all of the publisher’s titles.

Joe O’Keeffe, Group Pre-Press Manager at Independent News & Media (IN&M) said the new platform will enhance their service to brands and agencies including Tesco Ireland, Three Mobile, Iceland, eg+, Typeform and TAG.

Following trials on alternative ad copy validation and transmission systems IN&M have replaced their previous system with Adsend, which is mandatory for the receipt of all Ad copy which commenced from 1st July 2014.

O’Keefe said that “the new platform will enable us to enhance our service to customers and its open and scalable platform will enable us to deliver functionality in the future which will not be available elsewhere”. Adsend is browser based allowing anyone with a login and internet connection to use the system and that all bookings made with IN&M are also live and online in Adsend. “This means our customers receive delivery and acceptance status live when the ad copy is received by IN&M and again when it’s accepted onto the page.” O’Keefe added that “when ad copy is delivered close to press deadline it’s imperative that our customers know if their advert has been received and approved in real time. Additionally, if a booking changed, our customers will know in real time therefore ensuring the correct Ad copy is received for publication."

Olga Budimir, Head of Europe at Dubsat, said that IN&M wanted to introduce additional efficiencies within the ad supply chain allowing them to cut down on copy chasing which she said “is still a very labour intensive process in the publishing industry”. Budimir also added that the Adsend service is fully integrated into the IN&M booking confirmation system and uses the publishers URN (unique reference number) to automatically link ads received with the booking insertion order.

This means that when an agency or brand uploads their advert into Adsend using the IN&M URN, details such as which publication, insertion date and position are attached to the ad copy. Budimir said “this has significant benefits for the publisher, as they receive hundreds of adverts every day and knowing exactly where these ads are to be published speeds up the production process and reduces errors with the obvious cost savings.” For the advertiser, Adsend can display bookings specific to them so that they can see in advance what space has been booked. Accepting or declining this booking gives feedback directly to the publisher and avoids any copy chasing. Furthermore by clicking on a booking in My Bookings tab the job ticket pre populates saving time and inefficiencies in inaccurate inputting, says Dubsat.

The roll-out of the new platform across all IN&M titles is being managed by Adsend’s partner in Ireland, Mediainc Ltd, which specialises in providing technical support for the production of both print and digital media.