Haymarket Network becomes Wonderly

Haymarket Network becomes Wonderly as Haymarket Media Group relaunches its content marketing agency with a new strategy and offering.

Haymarket Network becomes Wonderly
Issie Peate: "We’ve fundamentally reappraised the way we work."

Wonderly will challenge conventional multi-channel marketing, says the company.

With the media landscape changing faster and more radically than ever before, Wonderly’s mission is to equip brands with all the skills they need to be world-class at ‘owned’ media.

According to Haymarket, the name captures the spirit of the agency and the people who work there, and derives from the feelings they aim to evoke when people experience their work. Adding collaborations to its core services, the agency is also introducing the ‘Wonderly Way’ – an insight-driven process that draws on all skills to deliver the optimum owned media strategy for each client. This underpins creativity with consumer behaviour and needs, reaching out to people through only the most appropriate touch points.

Issie Peate, Wonderly MD, says: “This is not a name change for change’s sake. We’ve fundamentally reappraised the way we work and what we offer, and we believe that relaunching sends out the message that we offer a fresh way of thinking in what has become an increasingly complex - and often confusing - industry for businesses and brands seeking to get their voices heard.

“It ensures our clients’ conversations are always relevant and consistent, and delivered to the right audience through the right channel at the right time. It brings greater synergy to all those capabilities – content, digital and audience - that our clients have come to expect from us for the past 20 years.”

Haymarket’s CEO Kevin Costello says: “For the past 60 years, Haymarket has understood the power of content to create valuable relationships with our audiences. Content marketing is one of our three core business models. Now Wonderly is set to transform the way brands connect with their customers - inspiring trust, loyalty and advocacy to unlock growth.”