Haymarket puts Carbon Trust Label on two mags

Haymarket’s ENDS and Marketing magazines claim to have become the first UK titles to adopt a Carbon Trust label displaying their carbon footprinting commitments.

The magazines will display the Carbon Reduction Label from the end of September, after having undergone a rigorous carbon footprinting process.

The label will show each magazine’s commitment to reduce its overall carbon footprint. ENDS’ label will also show the total grams of carbon emitted per copy produced as certified by the Carbon Trust, an independent organisation set up by the UK government to help businesses and the public sector cut carbon emmissions.

Euan Murray, the Carbon Trust’s head of Carbon Footprinting, said: “Haymarket are taking a pioneering role in the publishing sector, committing to reducing the footprint of their magazines and sharing their experience, encouraging others to follow in their footsteps.”

The footprinting study of ENDS and Marketing, conducted by consultants Environmental Resources Management (ERM) and certified by the Carbon Trust, looked at every stage of the magazines’ life cycle, from paper mill to printing press and from editorial activities to reader behaviour.

The report revealed some contributing factors to a magazine’s overall carbon footprint, including the type of paper used and the power source at the paper mill. It also showed that office emissions make up a larger part of the footprint of niche business magazines such as ENDS.

Philip Swinden, Haymarket’s director of environmental publishing, said: “Haymarket has been working hard to reduce carbon emissions through recycling, wastage reduction and other initiatives, but until now it was difficult to measure the impact of the supply chain on our product emissions.”

Swinden also said that the PAS 2050 labelling process, a standard for measuring greenhouse gas emissions from the British Standards Institution (BSI), provided a benchmark for Haymarket and “also identified how we can continue to reduce our carbon footprint through improvements in the way we source paper and printing”.

As part of the labelling process, ENDS and Marketing have committed to reduce their carbon emissions over the next two years.

Their commitment is in line with Haymarket’s wider green initiatives, for which the company has already received a number of awards including the Mayor of London’s Green500 Gold Award, the Periodical Publishers Association (PPA) Environmental Performance Award and the Go Green Richmond Council accreditation.

Both titles are reviewing the findings of the footprinting study to find where they can further cut carbon emissions in their supply chains.

ENDS and Marketing will display the carbon reduction labels on every issue from September 30.