Hearst’s Red Smart Women Week is back for 4th year

Hearst UK has announced that Red Smart Women Week will return for its fourth year this September, celebrating the brand’s 20th birthday.

Hearst’s Red Smart Women Week is back for 4th year

The week-long event will take place at a new venue, 10-11 Carlton Terrace in St. James, London. Workshop topics include business and careers, self-care, modern parenting and the art of entertaining, featuring experts in all fields such as Kelly Hoppen MBE, Melissa Helmsley, Caroline Hirons and Trinny Woodall.

Furthermore, Red Smart Women Week will also include one of the first Financially Fabulous events - a consumer initiative which is a combination of content and events tailored to provide women with financial advice, that Hearst UK recently launched. The Smart Women Week franchise attracts over 2,000 attendees, many of whom are actively looking to launch their own business, upscale a new one or secure their financial portfolio to aid future career plans, says Hearst.

‘Speed Date a Money Expert’ will offer consumers the opportunity to have face time with some of the UK’s most respected financial figures, including Sue Fox, CEO of M&S Bank; Bobby Seagull, who is often dubbed as the world’s best mathematics teacher; Maike Currie, an investment expert from Fidelity; Baroness Ros Altmann, a former pensions minister and consumer champion, and Vicki Psarias, founder of and author of Mumboss.

To kick off the week, Red will also be hosting an exclusive VIP launch event which will celebrate Red’s landmark 20th year.

Victoria Archbold, MD of Hearst Live said: “With attendance figures to Red Smart Women Week up 50% in 2017 we’re very excited to be hosting this great event once again, with such an array of inspiring talent. It offers a unique opportunity for attendees to receive tangible advice that contributes to their personal and professional lives. Dwell time is higher than ever before at Hearst events, and Red Smart Women Week will continue to offer great value to both consumers and sponsors alike.”