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Immediate Insiders launched

Immediate Media Co, the special interest content and platform company, has unveiled Immediate Insiders: a new insight service offering agencies and clients access to its panel of nearly 12,000 ABC1 consumers.

Insight is at the heart of Immediate’s business, powering platform and brand development across a portfolio which includes Radio Times, BBC Gardeners’ World, Cycling Plus, BBC Good Food and You & Your Wedding. Immediate Insiders allows commercial partners to unlock the potential of the insight panel for themselves.

The panel comprises nearly 12,000 passionate and engaged consumers, and can be utilised to provide rich insight and detailed feedback on the impact and effectiveness of commercial campaigns, says Immediate Media. Immediate Insiders has already added value to several major brand campaigns, including a multi-stage research project over 12 months for Silver Spoon. The project included pre-, mid- and post-ad effectiveness testing, product testing, a bespoke audience panel, and quantitative and qualitative brand research.

Alison Finnegan, Director of Insight at Immediate Media Co, says: “The Immediate business is built on engaging a scale audience of passionate and affluent special interest communities. Insight is right at the heart of everything we do, and Immediate Insiders is already integral to our work in driving effective commercial campaigns. With nearly 12,000 readers on our Insiders panel, we can now offer planners and clients a valuable and cost-effective resource.

Angela Westley, Head of Insight at The Silver Spoon Company, adds: “The use of Immediate Insiders has benefitted our business in many ways – we have been able to get quick turnaround, cost effective, agency quality consumer opinion and attitudes which we have used for three of our brands. This has been quantitative and qualitative and has been of great use to the Insight and brand teams.”

The panel can help with range of research services, to measure the effectiveness of advertising pre- and post- campaign, including: Brand awareness, Ad recall, Key message salience, Brand metrics, Campaign metrics, Call to action, Consumer follow-up, Product trials, Creative testing.

Immediate Insiders can also be used as a resource for a wide range of audience research projects allowing marketers to access engaged, sought after audience for their research needs.

Immediate Media’s Insight team was most recently involved in the ground-breaking Generation Wealth research project, alongside Enders and Yougov. The research project provided new insights into the over 40s, who are engaged in the digital landscape, less brand loyal than previous generations and control a large portion of the country’s wealth. Immediate’s Insight team is shortlisted in the Best In-house Team category of this year’s Media Research Society Awards, which will be announced in December, says Immediate Media Co.