IMX acquires B&H’s Mail Division

Following a recent review of its worldwide activity, B & H Worldwide has taken the decision to withdraw its Mail product from the UK marketplace. The company’s mail business has been acquired by IMX.

In a statement released to its existing customers, B&H said: This is not a decision that has been taken lightly as we have been operating in this arena in excess of 25 years. This will however enable us to focus more directly on our core service offerings of express and freight management, primarily in the Aviation marketplace.

B&H’s in depth assessment of the current international mail market concluded that the preferred transfer partner most able to offer the exacting standards that have previously been enjoyed by our customers was IMX Limited.

IMX has been trading in this arena for as long as B&H and both IMX and its Managing Director, Nicholas Street, are well known to B&H through membership of the MCA - the industry association which Nicholas chairs. IMX serves many well-known global brands and has been established for 25 years in the UK and in 1992 expanded its office network into Europe. IMX has access to the same distribution networks as B&H and provides many additional specialised services to its diversified client base.

B&H has reached an agreement with IMX to transfer its existing mail business & mail personnel to the IMX facility in South West London. This move will mean that the services provided and the staff currently handling your traffic will remain constant as will the rate structures for 2014.

One of the key factors in reaching the decision to engage with IMX was the requirement that the loyal customers of B&H have an alternative supplier that would meet the previously experienced high levels of service. The Global Management Team and the B&H mail division personnel have met extensively with IMX and we have every confidence your needs will be well served in supporting this move.

Frank Herschell, our Mail Operations Manager will be transferring to IMX along with his team.