Launch: Cycling Electric

Dennis’ Cycling division has launched a new magazine, Cycling Electric, the brand for all things e-bike and e-mobility.

Launch: Cycling Electric
Dharmesh Mistry: “Cycling Electric is the new e-bike media brand that will reach readers across multiple platforms.”

Launching as a magazine, and supported by a dedicated e-bike channel within and social channels, Cycling Electric has been established to capture the growth in interest in e-bikes and e-scooters.

The publishers say: “The magazine is full of advice for all types of riders who are open to discovering a new way to move. Whether that’s looking to ease into getting active again, satisfying a hunger to explore areas more time efficiently, or simply avoiding public transport during the pandemic, then you’ll find everything you need to know in Cycling Electric.”

There are over 50 reviews across the different types of e-bike which include commuter, folding, mountain, road, women’s, gravel and cargo.

Dharmesh Mistry, Managing Director, Specialist division said: “Cycling Electric is the new e-bike media brand that will reach readers across multiple platforms, educating and helping them find the right e-bike for their needs, be that for commuting or leisure. To do this, we’ve brought together the UK’s best e-bike experts to ensure that our readers get trusted, reliable and jargon-stripped advice on the various categories of e-bike. The content will guide consumers through the rapidly developing market and demonstrate that e-bikes can appeal to both cycling newbies and existing commuters at time when cycling is more popular than ever before.”

Cycling Electric is on sale now at magazine retailers, priced £5.99 and is also available online.