Launch of FT Weekend Open Minds global brand campaign

The Financial Times yesterday launched a new global brand campaign for FT Weekend.

Launch of FT Weekend Open Minds global brand campaign

The Open Minds campaign, inspired by its colourful and provocative journalism, aims to encourage stronger engagement with FT Weekend by the FT’s core business audience, while attracting new readers to its world-class coverage of arts, culture, ideas and lifestyle, says the Financial Times.

The campaign, which builds on a 2017 refresh and rebrand of FT Weekend under editor Alec Russell, will have two phases. The first will include out-of-home, digital display, online video and retail elements in high profile locations in London, Hong Kong and New York's Times Square. The second phase, in the summer, will have a major experiential focus, marking a new direction for the Financial Times.

The creative concept and execution of Open Minds have been developed in partnership with The Brooklyn Brothers. The visually striking phase-one adverts were designed by a variety of illustrators and inspired by a range of thought-provoking FT Weekend articles:

* Can we separate the art from the artist? challenges us to think about the character flaws of renowned artists and entertainers;

* Is age a disease we can cure? poses questions about wellbeing and mortality;

* Is mind control the tech industry’s greatest invention? challenges readers to question their relationship with the smartphone.

Financial Times chief communications and marketing officer, Finola McDonnell, said: “We have created this campaign with editorial content at its centre to have strong visual and intellectual impact, sparking debate and conversation - exactly what FT Weekend aims to do. We're positioning the FT Weekend as an essential read for those interested in arts, culture, ideas and lifestyle, just as the Financial Times and are essential to our core business readership."

FT Weekend editor Alec Russell said: “This campaign goes to the heart of my ambition for the journalism in FT Weekend each week. It is sharp, provocative, probing and embraces the big ideas of our age - yet it is also tinged with mischief.”

The campaign will be supported by social media activity on the FT’s Facebook, Twitter (@FTWeekend and @FTLifeArts) and Instagram (@FT_Weekend) accounts with the hashtag #FTOpenMinds. The articles which inspired the campaign can all be found outside the FT’s paywall at