Launch of Mirri for HP Indigo

Mirri, the metallic paper and board, has now been certified for use on HP Indigo printers, opening up a range of new magazine cover printing possibilities.

According to Celloglas: The metallic substrate that is Mirri has been seen on various special edition magazine covers over recent years, including Esquire, Wired and Edge. Mirri substrate produces an overall stunningly metallic effect, that can be switched off in select areas with the use of white ink.

Mirri, is a world-leading brand of metallic paper and board and has recently launched Mirri for HP Indigo, a silver metallic substrate that is certified for use on the HP Indigo range of printers including presses 5000, 5500, 5600, 7000, 7500 and 7600.

This enables magazines to digitally print Mirri magazines covers, which brings a range of possibilities. Firstly, it is possible to proof a magazine cover design to a quality that is almost identical to litho and therefore the magazine Art Director can be 100% confident that it is right before going for the full litho run. Secondly, it is also possible to use the digital press to produce personalised covers using Mirri or a select number of special covers that match the litho run, creating opportunities to print a winning cover, in a competition or a short run to cater for a change of language.

The newly certified Mirri substrate ‘Mirri Pak for HP Indigo’ is available in three weights 315mic/220 gsm, 415mic/280gsm and 460mic/300gsm.

Richard Gillgrass, Managing Director for Mirri and Celloglas, commented: “Mirri Pak for HP Indigo is set to be an important part of the Mirri range, it’s early days and sales are already very encouraging on a global basis”.

Mirri Pak for HP Indigo is also certified for use with Color-LogicTM. The Process Metallic Color SystemTM by Color-Logic is a patent pending technology which empowers its users to create and print striking special effect designs.

Mirri have made a sample cover to show the use of Mirri for HP Indigo on a cover and this was recently used by Legion Paper, Mirri’s US distributor at an exhibition called Dscoop in Nashville. The cover was also processed using The Process Metallic Color SystemTM by Color-Logic. To receive a sample of the cover go to and order a copy, or email

About Mirri – A Division of Celloglas

Celloglas says: “Mirri is a world leading brand of metallic paper and board. Mirri is widely recognised by designers, retailers and brand owners as a tool to communicate quality, innovation and brand category leadership.”