Netflix partners with Bauer to promote Bridgerton

Ahead of the release of Bridgerton on Netflix on Christmas Day, the streaming service has partnered with Bauer Media and the holiday issues of magazines heat, Closer and Grazia to raise awareness of and entice audiences to watch the new British period drama this December.

Netflix partners with Bauer to promote Bridgerton
Clare Chamberlain: “Partnering with Netflix – who are renowned for their creative content – has inspired and allowed us to be really creative too.”

The campaign followed research that found that there is a positive impact when display formats appear alongside an advertorial, with brand endorsement playing a huge role in driving action with readers, says Bauer Media.

Furthermore, according to Bauer Media research, 16% of audiences have been reading more magazines now than prior to the pandemic, with 22% citing that they feel that they have a closer relationship to their favourite magazine compared to pre-lockdown.

To gain intrigue and interest, all three magazines will have different ads to match the publications’ editorial style and reflect its readers. For the first time in its publication, heat will include a ‘Peel and Reveal’ execution to advertise the new TV show – the ad will include a top layer which presents the glamour of Regency London, but when peeled back, will reveal the scandalous behaviour that happens below the surface. In Closer, a partial cover wrap has been booked, giving Bridgerton large exposure on the front cover and in the popular Christmas bumper issue. Lastly, to appeal to its fashion-forward audience, Grazia will run consecutive advertorials with a focus on the show’s elaborate wardrobe and styling, running in between ‘Bookend’ ads (pictured above) – something never before seen in Grazia.

Clare Chamberlain, Sales Director, Magazines, Bauer Media, said: “We’re so excited to watch Bridgerton ourselves, so it’s been a joy to work with Netflix across three of our most popular titles to create bespoke ads and content to encourage our readers to put it at the top of their Christmas watching lists too. Partnering with Netflix – who are renowned for their creative content – has inspired and allowed us to be really creative too, making the most of the print medium and introducing new executions we’ve never done before.”

The Christmas bumper issues of heat, Closer and Grazia are on sale now until 28th December. Bridgerton is available to stream on Netflix on Friday 25th December.

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