Partwork launch: Art Therapy

Art Therapy, a new weekly partwork published by Hachette Partworks, goes on sale today at the initial price of 99p.

According to the distributors Marketforce, the launch is being supported with a TV campaign. The partwork is targeted at 35+ year-old women.

Issue #1 is priced at 99p. All subsequent issues will be priced at £2.99.

The publishers say: “Colouring has long been noted for its relaxing benefits and now the power of art therapy has been harnessed in a weekly magazine. Each week, discover how to de-stress, get inspired and enhance your wellbeing through the simple action of colouring. Every issue will focus on specific colour combinations and week by week you will collect a beautiful colouring kit to help you connect with your inner creativity, positivity and serenity!”