PPA appoints Air Business as Strategic Partner for 7th year

Air Business has been selected as strategic partner of the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) for the seventh consecutive year this February.

Barry McIlheney, CEO of the PPA, said: “Air Business has shown immense support of the publishing industry over the past six years. Remaining loyal and proactive, their role as strategic partner is extremely valued. Following the development of their new services and constant drive for quality distribution, Air Business’ passion and belief in the future of our industry is evidenced by their focus on aiding publishers’ acquisition and retention strategies.”

Further to Air Business’ main operational sites receiving ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 the whole group, including subscriptions management arm Quadrant, has been certified by the British Standards Institution (BSi) for ISO 50001 (energy management). This confirms their commitment to quality, the environment and a sustainable future for publishing, says the company.

Adam Sherman, group managing director at Air Business, says: “The Group prides itself on dedication to our customers and in turn we extend that service to their subscribers. We know despite the rapidly changing market the focus needs to remain on the consumers. This is why we are constantly developing our services and will continue to aid publishers’ acquisition and retention strategies, with a combination of intelligent technology and old-fashioned customer service. We are thrilled Air Business has been selected as PPA strategic partner for the seventh year and look forward to supporting the future of publishing.”