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News launches new podcast’s Gaming Editor, Rob Leane, hosts the new podcast, delving into the gaming lives of high-profile interviewees. launches new podcast
Rob Leane: “Gaming is about more than just high scores and ‘getting good’ - it’s a way of life, an escape, and a source of joy for so many people.”

In the week Radio Times celebrates its 100th anniversary, steps into the gaming podcast arena with One More Life, a new weekly podcast dedicated to exploring the lifestyle, culture, and universe of gaming.

Hosted by’s Gaming Editor Rob Leane, the One More Life podcast features celebrity gaming fans and games creators promising to take listeners on a tour of their virtual worlds, unlocking secrets of their gaming lives as well as offering battle-tested tips from their own experiences.

The first One More Life podcast episode dropped on Tuesday 26 September, with Trisha Hershberger joining Rob to look ahead at the big games of Q4 2023. Later in the series guests include celebrity gamers, expert fans and some of the gaming industry’s most sought-after developers, added the publisher.

Rob Leane, gaming editor of, and host of One More Life, says: “One More Life is a celebration of the gaming community – it’s been so fun to hear the gaming origin stories of our fascinating guests, from their earliest gameplay memories to the titles they’ve spent the most hours with, and even the ones that have made them throw their controller in frustration!

“Gaming is about more than just high scores and ‘getting good’ - it’s a way of life, an escape, and a source of joy for so many people. Whether you consider yourself a hardcore gamer or more of a casual fan, you’ll probably recognise a lot of yourself in our guests and their gaming stories.”

Morgan Jeffery, executive editor,, says: “The audience are huge gaming fans - our gaming news, features and updates are consistently some of our most read content, so launching One More Life is a logical next step. The line-up of guests is stellar and I’m looking forward to adding One More Life to my podcast playlist.”

At the end of each episode, the publisher says the guest is asked to pick their ‘One More Life’ — the game they would choose above all others, to play for the rest of time, if they could only have one. The answers are very varied and always fascinating to hear.

The Radio Times outlined that upcoming episodes of One More Life season 1 include:

  • Trisha Hershberger (streamer and host) joins Rob to share her love of story-driven RPGs and look ahead to the big games of Q4 2023.
  • Jason Kingsley OBE (CEO of Rebellion Developments) shares the amazing journey that gaming has taken him on, from the chip shop arcade machine to Buckingham Palace.
  • Lyndsay Pearson (VP franchise creative on The Sims) talks everything from The Sims 5 going multiplayer to people torturing their Sims.
  • Ant Farley (design manager on Football Manager) shares his story with Rob and lifts the lid on the next two iterations of FM.
  • Tim Nguyen (senior producer on Pokémon Go) talks Rob through his journey from swim coach to game developer, and delves into all the weird rumours around those pocket monsters.
  • Daryl Baxter (features editor at iMore, author of The Making of Tomb Raider) joins Rob to examine Sonic Superstars, the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection, and the rise of iPhone gaming.
  • Sarah Beaulieu (narrative director on Assassin's Creed Mirage) explains how video games are written, and teases the ‘Shakespearean tragedy’ of the new AC game.
  • John Saavedra (editor in chief of Den of Geek) joins Rob to geek out about Star Wars games past, present and future.

The publisher says you can subscribe to One More Life on your favourite podcast platform, or listen via Go to for the latest gaming, film, tv, and entertainment updates.

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