Relaunch: Simply Vegan magazine

Simply Vegan magazine, first released in 2018, is relaunching this week with a brand new look and editorial focus.

Relaunch: Simply Vegan magazine
Sally FitzGerald: “We’re excited to be bringing new life to Simply Vegan magazine.”

On sale on 2nd October, the fresh new magazine will be aimed towards new vegans looking for straightforward information and advice on how to live a vegan lifestyle.

Anthem Publishing says that it wants to ensure they are appealing to this rapidly growing market, as well as providing easy-to-follow, expert advice for those looking to transition to a vegan diet. In 2018 alone, the total value of the plant-based market was £443 million, and with this figure continually on the rise now is the perfect time to rebrand and relaunch Simply Vegan, says Anthem.

The relaunched magazine will not only feature quick, easy recipes in every issue, but will also focus on the three main reasons people are choosing to switch to veganism – health, animal welfare and environmental concerns. It will also cover sustainable fashion, eco beauty, nutrition and fitness, as well as new supermarket launches and vegan celebrity interviews.

Publisher Sally FitzGerald said: “We’re excited to be bringing new life to Simply Vegan magazine, which has been gradually growing in success since its initial launch. This contemporary and stylish new design is one that we think will appeal to our key demographic, but that will also hopefully help to bring veganism to a new group of readers.”