Stylist launches editorial initiative tackling women’s sleep epidemic

Stylist this week announced a new editorial initiative ‘The Stylist Restival’. Stylist is responding to findings from its first ‘Sleep Census’ which shows that women are facing a sleep nightmare.

Stylist launches editorial initiative tackling women’s sleep epidemic
Lisa Smosarski: “It’s well known that sleep is the bedrock of wellbeing.” Photograph: Twinsfisch on Unsplash

According to the research, women are experiencing a poor night’s sleep 2-3 nights per week, with professional women among the worst sufferers.

The inaugural ‘Stylist Restival’ aims to help women who want more from their world get more from a night’s sleep. The event will see a pre-selected group of Stylist readers get into their pyjamas and participate in a range of workshops, experiments and relaxation techniques including colour therapy and sound meditation.

It will take place at the first Zedwell hotel before it opens in London’s Trocadero. The Zedwell is the ideal location for the event as it has been built to create the perfect environment for the perfect night’s sleep and promote positive health and well-being, says Stylist.

Also residing at the hotel will be Stylists’ editorial team, documenting all activity to be included in an exclusive sleep-focused issue of the magazine, with all content also running across email, social and online in their week-long sleep takeover early next year.

Lisa Smosarski, Editor-in-chief of Stylist said: “Stylist readers are informed, they understand how to take care of themselves, they may own fit bits, eat vegan, exercise and drink decaf, yet many are struggling to get a healthy amount of sleep. Having seen the results of our sleep census, we knew we had to do something. It’s well known that sleep is the bedrock of wellbeing - we hope that the first Stylist Restival can provide us with valuable insights for us to pass on to our readers so that they sleep a little sounder at night.”