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Taylor & Francis announce new TA

Unicamp and Taylor & Francis has signed the university’s first transformative agreement.

Taylor & Francis announce new TA
Jeff Voci: “We’re delighted to partner with Unicamp, an institution that’s making investment in open research a priority.”

The State University of Campinas (Unicamp), a Latin America institution, has announced a new partnership with Taylor & Francis to increase the global reach and impact of its research through open access (OA) publishing.

Unicamp’s first transformative agreement is a commitment to OA, supporting corresponding authors to publish their articles open access in more than 2,300 Taylor & Francis and Routledge journals, both hybrid and full OA. The agreement’s open access article allocation has been designed to enable all corresponding Unicamp authors to choose OA.

The three-year ‘read & publish’ deal also ensures faculty and students have continued access to the latest research in Taylor & Francis’ range of international journals.

Márcio Souza Martins, deputy director of the Library System at Unicamp, said: “The partnership established between Unicamp and Taylor & Francis represents a significant milestone for our university. In addition to providing unrestricted access to a wide range of journals, it also ensures the open access publication of approximately 95 articles in 2024, enough to cover current Unicamp publications with the publisher. This initiative promotes equal opportunities for our researchers, eliminating financial barriers to publication.”

Jeff Voci, senior vice president & commercial lead – Americas at Taylor & Francis, commented: “Publishing open access in international journals can make a big difference to an article’s reach. However, researchers in Brazil don’t always have the funding for this to be an option. That’s why we’re delighted to partner with Unicamp, an institution that’s making investment in open research a priority.”

Voci added: “Taylor & Francis journals regularly publish articles by Unicamp researchers, especially in the pioneering science and medicine fields for which the university has a strong reputation. With this new open access agreement in place, we expect that important research to make an even greater impact on our world.”

Taylor & Francis says it is an open research publisher, working with institutions, societies and consortia around the world to design solutions that achieve their open goals. Researchers at over 700 institutions are now able to choose OA through a Taylor & Francis transformative agreement.

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