The Independent launches Independent TV

The Independent yesterday announced the launch of Independent TV, bringing its audience news, arts, lifestyle, sports and more in video form.

The Independent launches Independent TV
Christian Broughton: “Seeing is more than just believing.”

With the launch of Independent TV, familiar writers will now become familiar faces to its audience across the globe. The Independent’s editorial staff around the world – from the Middle East and India to the US and Russia – will collaborate closely with the multimedia team, telling their stories through video.

According to the publishers, video journalism has long made a significant contribution to the growth of The Independent, including its revenues, with up to 95 million videos watched on the website each month, plus many more on The Independent’s YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Over the next 12 months, Independent TV will continue to build out its offering, bringing its viewers an ongoing schedule, enabling them to experience the stories that matter at any time, from any place, and to see the news for themselves, including live events. This next phase will also include new functionality, says The Independent.

Christian Broughton, Managing Director, commented: “Today an exciting new episode begins with the launch of Independent TV. The ability to see events unfold for yourself enriches our reporting and will further engage our viewers – seeing is more than just believing, you feel with great compassion for those whose lives are caught in the headlines, and understand the world all the better for it. This is just the beginning of the next phase of our multimedia offering, and will strengthen a successful financial future for The Independent. A great achievement from our incredibly talented journalists and developers.”

Zach Leonard, CEO, commented: “Independent TV delivers on our already-influential reach through high-yielding, targeted video, to serve global audiences through six languages and digital distribution channels. Brands and agencies will be able to extend their marketing campaigns with efficiency, confidence and results, through Independent TV.”

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