The Telegraph Launches Hong Kong Silenced Podcast Series

The Telegraph has launched the podcast documentary series Hong Kong Silenced, which lays bare how life in Hong Kong was turned upside down in just twelve months, following the introduction of the controversial National Security Law.

The Telegraph Launches Hong Kong Silenced Podcast Series

Launched on the one year anniversary since the law came into effect, Sophia Yan, The Telegraph’s China Correspondent, tells the inside story of how the legislation is being used to stamp out media and political freedoms and crush dissent.

This four-part podcast weaves together the stories of the mum who is worried for her child’s future, the journalist who feels so silenced he wants to leave the profession, and the activists and politicians who have had to flee into exile to avoid prison.

This is a gripping tale about China, a rising global superpower, how its government views democracy and human rights, and what happens to those who challenge it. Told by the people of Hong Kong, this series documents their hopes and dreams as they enter one of the most difficult periods in their modern history, says the Telegraph.

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