UK Launch: Happinez

Happinez, a quarterly titles from Pineapple Media, launches on the UK newsstand on 21 May, priced £6.95.

According to distributors COMAG Specialist: Launched in the Netherlands in 2003 and with licenses in France and Germany, Happinez is a successful ‘mindstyle’ magazine, which bridges the gap between the mind and the heart, between beauty on the outside and beauty on the inside.

Aimed at contemporary women who are interested in self-development and emotional learning, Happinez is for those readers who are keen to explore and deepen their understanding, as well as gain insights into living a pure and stylish way of life.

With articles, interviews, insights, recipes and a beautiful design, Happinez is a present readers give themselves. The first magazine to provide real depth without compromising attractiveness and accessibility, issue No.1 of Happinez will introduce the unique magazine concept of ‘mindstyle’ to the UK newsstand for the first time.

With the theme of ‘Follow Your Heart’, the UK launch issue of Happinez will be packed with ideas about what makes life worth living. Topics include breathing and yoga exercises, 18 life changing words to inspire and an essay about the meaning of having a soulmate.

The UK launch issue of Happinez will also feature about Buddha and follows his footsteps around India, plus it will examine why magnesium is considered the most ‘zen’ of minerals.

Happiness knows no boundaries, so for a positive, wise and loving life, choose Happinez!