Uncut launches deluxe collectors’ specials

Uncut is introducing to the UK, US and Rest of the World markets a series of deluxe collectors’ specials that will launch as part of the brand’s ‘Ultimate Music Guide’ series.

Based on the best-selling issues to come out of Uncut’s Ultimate Music Guide collection, each deluxe edition puts a different artist or band into the spotlight. Content from the series is re-mastered and material from the Uncut, NME and Melody Maker archives rediscovered to curate these specials, filled with intimate interviews and the finest music photography, say the publishers.

Album reviews by the Uncut team and brand new editorial bring the material up to the present day. The timeless features and high-quality feel of these editions ensure they will become must-have collectors’ items for passionate music fans.

John Mulvey, editor of Uncut, says: "Uncut’s Ultimate Music Guides have become the definitive texts on the foremost musicians of the last 50 years. For some time now, many readers from the UK and US have pleaded with us to make these key issues available again, so I'm thrilled we can now bring them back in such a fitting, enhanced format.

“Lavish, expanded album reissues have become a critical part of the music business, so how better to celebrate these artists than in a similar way, with a library of deluxe editions that do their stature and art justice?"

According to Time Inc UK, these deluxe specials are of premium quality, with higher cover and text stocks to enhance the enjoyment of the photography and editorial. Carrying a cover price of £9.99, these collectors’ items will be released as part of the Ultimate Music Guide Series, with the potential to generate high retail sales value (RSV).

The first Deluxe Collectors’ Special focuses in on Pink Floyd and will land on newsstands in the UK on the 16th April, from 14th May in the US, and from 23rd April in other territories.