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NewsTeam Group (NTG) specialises in delivering newspapers and magazines to homes and businesses across the UK.

NTG are a rapidly expanding enterprise, providing a professional delivery service to over 70% of the UK’s postcodes. We have our own customer base and approximately a third of our network is made up of deliveries to subscribers on behalf of publishers.

Although the focus is mainly on home news delivery, a sizeable portion of our network consists of bulk drops to commercial addresses. Deliveries are timestamped and GPS-recorded via the delivery app at the point of delivery, with the option of taking a photograph, giving clients assurance of when the delivery has taken place.

Our operations run from wholesale distribution centres across the UK. This means we receive our newspapers and magazines as soon as they arrive in each area, allowing us to provide fast and reliable delivery each morning. We also operate our own trunking routes, enabling us to collect publications directly from print centres.

We work with our clients to understand their priorities. Often, speed of service is the most important aspect to a client when considering their fulfilment options. NTG aims to have copies of magazines and newspapers through customers’ letterboxes before they see them available for sale in the shops, which is an important requirement for publishers when considering their subscribers’ needs. By utilising our existing supply lines and extensive delivery network, this is often within a few hours of a publication rolling off the press.

Costs are a driving factor in most business decisions. By utilising NTG’s existing delivery network, NTG can focus on keeping costs as low as possible, which when combined with the speed of service, make NTG an attractive fulfilment partner to many publishers.

Poly-wrappers, biodegradable wrappings and paper wrapping provide publishers with a mixture of methods to protect their product on its journey to the customer, with differing impacts on the environment at increasingly expensive price points. NTG’s network delivers unwrapped product to customers, which is both more sustainable and cheaper than wrapping publications.

If you have a subscriber base receiving printed publications, NewsTeam Group may be the company you need to partner with to provide a speedy, reliable, low cost delivery service to your customers.

Please get in touch to explore the possibilities.