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Smartico builds quality banner ads and landing pages at scale and in budget for more than 300 news publishers around the world.

The distinctive blend of artificial intelligence, human expertise, and hands-on sales support sets Smartico apart. Our services are specifically tailored to engage SMB advertisers for publishers.

'Smart Ads'

Smartico’s “Smart Ads” transforms regional advertisements (print, social media, TV, etc) into high-performance display ads with linked landing pages that instantly open in an overlay. This process occurs seamlessly, drawing from the source data and additional web information without requiring any instructions from either the publisher or advertiser.

Smartico trains the publisher’s salesforce how to sell “Smart Ads” at scale and takes care of all ad operations.

Proven product

With a trusted relationship spanning 300+ news publishers, Smartico annually produces hundreds of thousands of “Smart Ads”. Their clientele includes prominent media houses such as Iliffe, Irish Times, Groupe Ebra, and Axel Springer, as well as numerous regional champions, all benefiting from Smartico’s consistent, sustainable, and impactful contributions to their bottom-line growth and profitability.

Reach out to Smartico for insights into business cases, sales materials, sales trainings, and everything you need to capitalise on the 10% loyal local advertisers who still engage in print media and to win back the 90% who have shifted away from local newspapers.

Smartico’s pay-as-you-go pricing model aligns their success with that of the news publisher. This approach ensures mutual growth and eliminates additional fixed costs, guaranteeing enhanced profitability. Smartico takes pride in co-establishing profit centres for their partnering publishers.

Ask for your free demo of “Smart Ads” today and start making more money from your local long tail SMB advertisers in digital!