Air Business introduces new Customer Experience Director

Air Business, a supplier of global mail, fulfilment, distribution and subscription management services, has appointed Lenka Booker as its new Customer Experience Director to ensure customers remain at the heart of all processes and future planning.

Air Business introduces new Customer Experience Director

As part of this new role for the company, Lenka will be responsible for directing Air Business’ Client Relationship Group and Data Bureau departments as well as all the internal processes and customer touchpoints within the business.

Lenka will thoroughly review and oversee the implementation of improvements and changes to Air Business’ service chain to ensure that its customers receive the best experience possible. Lenka will report directly into the Group’s Managing Director, Adam Sherman, with close support from Philip Ions, the Group Finance Director.

Through managing the move of Air Business’ Head Office and main distribution centre earlier this year, Lenka acquired an extensive knowledge of the company’s processes and customer touchpoints, designing its new building around these. Having worked at Air Business for a total of 10 years, Lenka also has first-hand experience of working in the company’s Customer Relationship Group department; serving and liaising with its customers on a daily basis at the beginning of her career. From her previous experience of setting up the company’s Marketing department and serving as its Head of Marketing and Strategic Planning, Lenka’s customer-centric focus also made her the ideal candidate for the role, says Air Business.

To support Lenka, Kevin Lamb has been appointed to the other new role of Head of Client Relations and Insights where he will be responsible for heading up Air Business’ Client Relationship Group. Kevin joined the company in 2016, with over 25 years’ worth of experience working in a variety of production, subscription and postal distribution roles at TI Media. As a regular member of various PPA industry groups over the years, Kevin has an extensive knowledge of the UK publishing market.

Alongside Kevin, Lenka will also be supported by Air Business’ Data Bureau Manager, Sarah Melton. As a long-standing member of Air Business, Sarah has over 10 years’ worth of experience in leading its Data Bureau department; devising and implementing bespoke data management solutions for the company’s clients.

Lenka Booker, Customer Experience Director, comments: “As the publishing landscape continues to change and evolve I want to ensure that there is a perfect synergy between Air Business and the future needs of our customers so we continue to deliver to the very highest standards. I am really looking forward to meeting our customers to discuss their challenges and requirements.”

Adam Sherman, Group Managing Director, comments: “Throughout her career at Air Business, Lenka has consistently demonstrated her strong ability to deliver results. Lenka has played an instrumental part in the company’s brand and strategic direction to date. I believe she will bring great experience and a customer-centric insight to this new role, which is intrinsically about keeping the customer at the forefront of everything we do.”