Archant launches The Torbay Weekly

At the end of March, Archant announced that the launch issue had been distributed to 65,000 households.

Archant launches The Torbay Weekly
Jim Parker: “We want the Torbay Weekly to be a paper that gets right to the heart of the community.”

Editor Jim Parker said: “We want the Torbay Weekly to be a paper that gets right to the heart of the community – and in our first week we’ve done just that”.

“We’re delighted that Torbay Council have come on board to promote all their key COVID-19 messages. The paper is packed with all the essential information – what to do, what not to do, where to get help from, who to turn to”.

“It’s a great partnership. The council is able to reach an engaged, relevant audience ensuring their key messages are delivered and understood. For us, it demonstrates, right from the off, that The Torbay Weekly will be the trusted, local voice of the bay”.

The team, all currently working from home as the coronavirus lockdown continues, include content creators Nikki Belso, Ellen Grindley, Dave Thomas and Tim Herbert; plus commercial staff Rachel King, Kim Risdon, Clare Essam and Andy Sexton.

Former Reach and Local World executive Chris Coward is overseeing the launch along with fellow director Chris Wills.

Jim Parker also paid tribute to the Archant’s production teams: “The coronavirus situation meant that changes to the first edition were still being made literally as we were going to print and I’d like to thank our editorial production teams, working from their dining room tables and spare bedrooms, for helping us get this exciting new product completed on schedule.”

The new title which was announced earlier this year came as a direct response to feedback from the local community, says Archant.

The company already operates four news brands in Devon and glossy lifestyle magazines throughout the South West.