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Avon partners with Marie Claire UK

Avon has partnered with Marie Claire UK to launch its podcast series called ‘Power in Ageing’.

Avon partners with Marie Claire UK
Andrea Thompson: “At Marie Claire, women’s empowerment and embracing diversity is at the heart of everything we do.”

Beauty brand Avon announced the launch of its campaign in September, ‘Power in Ageing’, in partnership with Marie Claire UK.

The new podcast series hosted by Marie Claire’s editor in chief Andrea Thompson celebrates female power over 40 and hears from five women from the worlds of media, beauty and business who share their positive experiences of life after 40, says the publisher.

The podcast launch in partnership with Marie Claire UK follows research by Avon that shows two thirds of women globally feel their confidence is improving as they age (67%) and how ageing is not something to fear (63%). In the wake of the pandemic, nearly three quarters of women (72%) now want to focus on looking healthy rather than young. The ‘Power in Ageing’ podcast series launched in September across all major podcast platforms, and according to the publisher features conversations with:

  • Anna Whitehouse (AKA MotherPukka), 41, is a podcast host, broadcaster, influencer and campaigner. She talks passionately about campaigning for flexible working and how men need to be allies in the fight for gender equality.
  • Poorna Bell, 41, is an award-winning journalist, motivational speaker, published author and powerlifter. Poorna’s husband passed away by suicide while she was still in her thirties. Poorna explains how powerlifting helped her through her grief and challenges the stereotypes which hold other women back from weight training. The conversation also touches upon mental health, gender equality and racial discrimination.
  • Michelle Griffith-Robinson OLY, 50, is an Olympian, life coach, and personal trainer. Michelle explores how she has helped other women achieve their ambitions through her work as a life coach, as well as the impact of the perimenopause and the challenges in navigating this life stage.
  • Ntsiki Biyela, 44, is South Africa’s first black, female winemaker and two-time finalist for ‘Most Influential Women in Business and Government’ award. Ntsiki discusses how she overcame prejudice by spotting untapped potential within it!
  • Katie Joynson, 53, set up her thriving Avon business at the age of 50 after a career in I.T. She is now a sales leader and was awarded ‘Star of the Year’ at the UK’s annual Direct Selling Awards in March 2022. In Katie’s episode, she discusses how finding a fulfilling new career has helped her regain the power she once lost.

The podcast series, Marie Claire continued, follows Avon’s global the ‘Power in Ageing’ report which charts opinions of women across seven countries and three continents, as the company’s team of scientists and experts discover what it really means to age in 2022.

Angela Cretu, Avon CEO, comments: “The meaning of being 40 and beyond is changing, and many women are finding the confidence to choose what we want in life. By sharing inspirational stories, we hope to encourage and lift up other women as they harness their own power and embrace getting older.”

Andrea Thompson, editor in chief of Marie Claire, adds: “At Marie Claire, women’s empowerment and embracing diversity is at the heart of everything we do. We’re delighted to be partnering on a campaign that challenges stereotypes around ageing and celebrates women as they really are. This series showcases 5 incredible women who are redefining what life looks like after 40 and are genuinely excited and emboldened by the idea of getting older.”

The ‘Power in Ageing’ Podcast series is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music or wherever else you listen, says the publisher.

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