Buxton Press invests in third Stahlfolder TH82-P

The latest high productivity P version Stahlfolder will be delivered to the Buxton plant at the end of the month.

Buxton Press invests in third Stahlfolder TH82-P

“The advance in technology delivered by the first TH 82-P is very impressive,” says Kirk Galloway, managing director of Buxton Press. “The overall ease of use and ability to maintain good operating speeds is great and the shingling method has contributed to the increased output and without detriment to the substrate. Our skilled finishing specialists are now familiar with the technology, so our third Stahlfolder TH 82-P will be easily bedded in.”

Chris South, factory manager, adds: “Finishing is a vital part of the overall printed product. It’s the attention to detail across the board that raises the bar and helps to transform a well printed product to something really special and we’re keen to keep pushing forward so that we can deliver for our clients and exceed their expectations.”

Buxton Press has a good relationship with Heidelberg. Kirk Galloway says: “We need a fast response to any technical or mechanical issue that may arise and have found that we receive a high level of support from the whole Heidelberg team who recognise the importance of a good working relationship.”

Further investment in the finishing department is expected in 2018, says Buxton Press.