Claverley Group finance director to retire

Claverley finance director Rob Cross is to retire from the role in April 2019 after 16 years with the Group.

Claverley Group finance director to retire

Rob will continue as a non-executive director of the Group, which includes Express & Star publisher Midland News Association, Channel Islands-based news group Guiton, Precision Colour Printing, Press Computers Systems and Kennedy Publishing.

He will also become a trustee of the Star Group Pension Scheme.

Rob joined the Group in 2003 working in the Channel Islands as finance director of CI Newsagents. He was appointed to the role of finance director of Claverley Group in 2008.

Claverley CEO Phil Inman said: “During his 10 years as finance director, Rob has provided great insight into the financial side of the Group.

“He has played a key role in the development of Claverley during a time of great change in our core businesses around news and information, helping to shape its future with its recent acquisition strategy.

“I am pleased that we will continue to be able to draw upon his depth of knowledge as a non-executive director and pension scheme trustee.”

Rob will be succeeded by Gareth Williams, who has been the operations director at Press Computer Systems for three years. A replacement for Gareth, who will work alongside Rob from January, is being sought for PCS.