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Mail releases statement

Yesterday afternoon a statement on Michael Mosley was released from the editor, Mail Newspapers.

Mail releases statement
Ted Verity: “Everyone at the Mail is absolutely devastated to hear of the death of Dr Michael Mosley.”

Ted Verity, editor of Mail Newspapers, said:

“Everyone at the Mail is absolutely devastated to hear of the death of Dr Michael Mosley.

Michael wasn’t just a unique and unmissable columnist. He was part of the Mail family.

Since he first wrote for us in 2011, we have published hundreds of his weekly columns and serialised many of his best-selling books - from the ground-breaking fast diets to others on gut health and sleep.

It’s no exaggeration to say that over the years Michael’s insights - especially his revelation that you CAN reverse type two diabetes - will have extended, and even saved, the lives of countless readers.

In person, whether warning of the perils of skimmed milk or enthusing about his latest madcap experiment on his own body, Michael was as electrifying as he was in print and on TV.

What shone through was his irrepressible curiosity - he was always hungry to learn about the very latest, cutting-edge science and medicine and then explain it to readers in a way that was both engaging and comprehensible to a mainstream audience.

Michael was also extremely kind, not hesitating to be one of the first to offer his home as sanctuary to a Ukrainian family.

And he always spoke with enormous love and warmth of his wife Clare, his co-author on many projects, and four children Alexander, Jack, Daniel and Katherine.

Our hearts go out to them all.”

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