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Combat & Survival launches new app

Combat & Survival magazine has launched a brand new responsive app, built by Rhapsody, which is available now on the iTunes and Google Play App Stores.

Combat & Survival launches new app

Combat & Survival is a monthly newsstand magazine keeping military enthusiasts and survivalists up to speed on a multitude of contemporary topics, and written by a team of specialist photojournalists.

The magazine's existing layout and content was fully migrated over to Rhapsody’s ePublish Digital Publishing platform, allowing the editorial team to retain full control over the look and feel of the app. The result is a responsive app with intuitive and easy navigation, which is designed to suit the reader experience on any device, says Rhapsody.

Using the ePublish automated workflow tools, the editorial team can simultaneously produce the monthly magazine and publish new content throughout the month without the need for any additional resource. Readers can access new articles every time they open the app and stay up to date with the latest news using live feeds. Readers are also able to connect via the inbuilt social channels and can view live videos within featured issues.

The app gives Combat & Survival the ability to add push notifications and integrate marketing initiatives such as offering complimentary subscriptions to help grow usage and deepen audience engagement. Full app analytics are available within the ePublish dashboard and will enable the team to gather data-driven insight and drive more personalised marketing, says Rhapsody.