Education in Chemistry relaunches with a new responsive site

Following the successful relaunch of Chemistry World, the Royal Society of Chemistry has relaunched their magazine site for chemistry teachers.

The site is powered by Abacus e-Media’s Webvision CMS and ADvance platforms, utilising responsive web design to offer an optimised user experience for chemistry teaching professionals across all devices.

The site currently operates with a metered access model - RSC members are entitled to unlimited access to the site through using their membership ID, whereas non-RSC and LCP members are allowed access to 1 article per month before they must register their information in order to gain unlimited access to the content.

The site, along with Chemistry World, has now been migrated to AWS managed hosting, a service provided by Abacus, which is highly optimised for mobile delivery and page speed, says Abacus.

Education in Chemistry is a published bimonthly by the Royal Society of Chemistry, the largest professional body in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences with over 51,000 members. The site is targeted at chemistry teachers around the world, concentrating primarily on secondary school and university level teaching, providing news, articles and resources that cover all areas of chemistry education.