Eulogy magazine set to relaunch

The world’s first ‘death magazine’ is set to re-launch with a new website, masthead and strap-line.

The relaunch follows the departure of some of the original partners, David Beverley (Executive Creative Director, Leo-Burnett), and Jim Thornton (Creative Director, Naked Communications), at the end of 2010. The relaunch has been implemented by new web, editorial, and commercial teams.

The editor, Alfred Tong, says: “Their departures have enabled the new Eulogy team to work with clarity and purpose. Good ideas take time to develop, and whilst I accept that it wasn’t 100% right to begin with, we are now implementing exciting new plans and are working with new commercial partners, public sector groups, and charitable organisations. We also look forward to developing campaigns and bringing them to the attention of politicians and government.”

The new website and masthead herald significant changes to Eulogy’s business model and editorial approach. will be a forum for charities, support networks, and organisations that do the valuable work of helping people cope with bereavement and those facing death through terminal illness. The site will assist these organisations in their fundraising and promotional drives. It will be a place where the extraordinary nature of ordinary people's lives can be celebrated. To that end there will be a significant amount of space for reader-submitted eulogies, stories, podcasts and videos. The site will offer advice for readers, as well as a range of other blog, comment and multimedia content designed to be thought-provoking, comforting, and helpful. It will also host content, which promises a much-needed laugh, when you need it most, say the publishers.