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FotoWare and Threedium partner to deliver 3D experience

The integration of Threedium's 3D SaaS Platform into FotoWare's interface will enable FotoWare's users to build, preview and share 3D solutions of their offerings.

FotoWare and Threedium partner to deliver 3D experience
Radmila Milenkovich: "This integration offers the best of two worlds."

These might include 3D Product Viewers, 3D Configurators, 3D Programmatic Ads, Augmented Reality (AR) formats and more.

Users with hundreds or even millions of potential SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) can now manage the digital assets for all these products in one platform, taking control of their brand. With FotoWare, marketing teams can move products to the point of sales, pulling out derivatives of the original file to publish.

According to FotoWare, 3D interactive formats deliver 300% higher engagement rate & 67% higher CTR vs any other rich media format and 3x higher conversion rates vs a static image. Now all those collections can be stored safely, made searchable, organized and easy to share straight from the web browser.

“Considering the importance of interactive visuals in marketing, and particularly retail, this integration offers the best of two worlds. It enables users to manage all digital collections in a centralized platform while leveraging better performing and creative formats such as 3D and AR”, says FotoWare Product Marketing Manager Radmila Milenkovich.

"When our clients build 3D configurators, or turnkey their inventory into 3D/AR product viewers, there are a lot of different assets involved, from 3D models, texture files, images, and more," says Kyriacos Kyprianou, Threedium CMO: “This collaboration will allow us to help our clients centralise all their digital assets into one place, making it accessible and efficient. With the need for digital assets growing ever larger, we are elevated to partner with one of the world's top Data Asset Management companies - FotoWare."

“As one of the first Digital Asset Management solutions in the world, it is key for us to continue to innovate and to make a difference for our users,” says Anne Gretland, FotoWare CEO: “Via a partnership, like the one with Threedium, we are facilitating so that our customers can increase performance in their communications via new rich media formats like 3D.”

Anne Gretland: "It is key for us to continue to innovate."