Hagadone adopts ePublishing’s Digital-to-Print Workflow Solution Duet

The Hagadone Corporation, owner of 13 newspapers in Idaho, Montana and Washington, has transformed their newsroom with software solution Duet, from ePublishing.

Hagadone adopts ePublishing’s Digital-to-Print Workflow Solution Duet
Judd Jones: “The flexibility of these platforms supports our strategic growth plans and improves our operational efficiency.”

Launched by publishing services and software provider ePublishing, it allows newspaper and magazine publishers to place content from their Web CMS platform and advertising ROP layout solution into Adobe InDesign for a seamless, modern, digital-to-print workflow, says the company.

Implementing Duet was the second and final step Hagadone has taken to modernize their workflow. Last year, they implemented Ellington CMS, a cloud-based, digital content management platform. Ellington is also a part of ePublishing’s suite of revenue and productivity solutions for publishers.

Hagadone now uses Ellington CMS and Duet together to publish news and information to all digital distribution channels, manage print-production workflow throughout the production process, and deliver news and information to readers on all platforms. These tools replaced two legacy systems, reducing their overall costs, and supporting their entire publishing division. They also connect directly to Hagadone’s new circulation system.

“With this deployment of a modern cloud-based solution, we are able to run the newsroom with remote and onsite staff seamlessly working together to create and publish thousands of news stories and thousands of print pages per month,” said Judd Jones, Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Media Production at the Hagadone Corporation. “The flexibility of these platforms supports our strategic growth plans and improves our operational efficiency. It also allows us to move away from old, outdated, expensive systems, reducing our overall costs by more than 50 percent.”

“We could not have asked for a better partner than the group at the Hagadone Corporation,” said Mike Pirello, CRO of ePublishing. “The entire team concentrated on deploying a solution for publishers that changes the dynamic. The solution allows them to leverage new technology to replace outdated systems created for a different time. Today’s media companies want solutions that deliver more revenue with new features and functionality at a lower cost. That was our goal.”

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