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Innovation and Engagement recently teamed up with Looklet, the digital styling studio, to launch The Stylist. Louise Howells explains Vogue’s strategy.

By Louise Howells

The partnership links the Vogue website with, enabling the online audience to dress virtual models in all the latest trends. With 25 models and over 5000 items of designer and high street clothing to choose from, The Stylist allows users to select every element of their models’ outfits, from shoes to scarves, from bags to belts. Items are regularly updated, and the wide selection of backgrounds, effects, and miscellaneous extras give users complete control of their very own look, which can then be saved and rated by fellow users.

Innovation is a core objective for Condé Nast’s digital strategy. We are constantly looking for new ways to engage with the loyal fans who read our magazines and websites, whether that is through new platforms like the iPad and iPhone, or online tools, communities and social media.

The has already established a highly active community of passionate fashion followers, providing them with not only an opportunity to use their own creativity to style the clothes they can see on the pages of Vogue, but also to share their creations with each other. To give a presence within this community is a great way to both engage with the existing members, and also to provide an additional service to users.

Each week creates its own unique Looklet look inspired by hot seasonal trends seen on the catwalks, and encourages the Looklet audience to create their own looks based on the same trend. also interacts with the Looklet community in exactly the same way other members do, selecting favourite items, looks and stylists from within the Looklet site.

The collaboration between and Looklet is not one driven by commercial demands. Instead the two sites work together to provide an enhanced user experience intended purely to encourage a sense of community and increased engagement with Vogue’s readers, enabling them to take their love of fashion to the next level.

Being able to innovate first and monetise second is a luxury usually reserved for the likes of Google and Facebook. However it is this approach which we see having the biggest long term impact on the way information is shared and absorbed in the internet age. The relationship between and Looklet will have beneficial effects on the user experience on both sites as well as creating ongoing incentive and purpose for Vogue readers to engage with on a regular basis.