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Jungle Creations appoints Matt Weston

Jungle Creations has hired Matt Weston as head of its new tech-focused media brand Futur3ology.

Jungle Creations appoints Matt Weston
Matt Weston: “I’m very passionate about the ever-evolving tech world and I know there is a gap in the market.”

Weston joins the social-media first publisher from LADbible-owned UNILAD Tech where he spent four years as social editor and latterly as channel manager.

The rationale for launching Futur3ology is based on insights gathered by Jungle Creations’ in-house data team indicating an exponential growth in consumer appetite for tech-based content, says the company. For example, it says, in the last year there have been 362 million social media mentions of terms including ‘crypto’, ‘NFT’, ‘Web3’, and ‘Metaverse’ from 26 million unique authors.

Futur3ology is a community that explores, shares and debates the future, what the world could look like, how people will connect, work, and spend their free time, analysing the benefits this will bring as well as the challenges.

The new media brand aims to both keep audiences up to date on the latest tech news and advancements, whilst demystifying concepts like the Metaverse, Web3 and NFTs in a way that’s simple and easy to follow; bridging the gap between traditional tech publications and niche fanbases.

Melissa Chapman, Co-CEO at Jungle Creations, commented: “The world and how we operate is changing rapidly and Futur3ology doesn’t want anyone to be left behind; that’s why we’ve launched the brand, to democratise the world of Web3 and the many complicated topics that come with it. It is for the ‘every person’ as well as the wise and witty friend who is always in the know and ahead of the curve. Matt has exceptional and in-depth experience in the space and we’re delighted to have him on board to help lead and build the brand.”

Matt Weston, Head of Futur3ology, commented: “I’m ecstatic to join Jungle Creations to head up its new media brand Futur3ology. I’m very passionate about the ever-evolving tech world and I know there is a gap in the market for a brand that isn’t condescending but can inform and guide the masses on truly important topics that are changing the world, from Web3 and NFTs to DAO’s, Cryptocurrency, and the Metaverse. With the internet pivoting to Web3, interest is only growing in this topic and so it’s important to cover these areas impartially. The brand doesn’t dictate how to feel about the future but provides the knowledge and balanced opinions for the audience to make their own decisions.”

Futur3ology is live across Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, with plans to launch the brand on Facebook and TikTok as well. Instagram and Twitter will host more specific content on Web3 that is community-first, whereas Facebook and Snapchat will be broader tech-led video content. Futur3ology’s new Snapchat Discover Show garnered over one million unique viewers in its first month and has amassed over 50,000 subscribers, say the publishers.

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