Launch: Prediction Annual

Prediction Annual, a new annual publication which will “forecast the year ahead”, goes on sale 4 December, priced £7.99.

According to distributors COMAG: “The essential guide to love, life, health, wealth and happiness, Prediction Annual will prepare readers for the year ahead with its comprehensive monthly forecasts and predictions.

Aimed at anyone with an interest in horoscopes, spirituality, cosmic understanding and general wellbeing, Prediction Annual will have all the answers for the year ahead so readers can make the best of what the fates have in stores for them.

Written by the respected and renowned team behind the now closed Prediction Magazine, Prediction Annual is produced by qualified and highly regarded practitioners of the art.

Covering a wide range of spiritual and alternative ideas, Prediction Annual will have a horoscope section featuring all the zodiac signs every month for readers to see what is in store.

As well as the Western calendar, Prediction Annual will have comprehensive week-by-week forecasts based on Eastern traditions, including both the Chinese and Vedic horoscopes.

In addition to personal forecasts, Prediction Annual will provide the most appropriate reading of everyone’s future or destiny, whether that is horoscopes, using tarot cards, crystal power, numerology, botanomancy and other forms of fortune telling and predicting the future.

Whether it is love, life or career success, Prediction Annual will prepare readers for the coming year, based on their star signs and other cosmic knowledge to plan the coming year.