Launch: The Flash

The Flash, a new quarterly comic from Titan Publishing Group, based on the television series, goes on sale 7 May, priced £3.99.

According to distributors COMAG: Based on the popular character from DC Comics, The Flash is an action drama programme about the high-speed adventures of the fastest man alive and superhero crime-fighter.

Working as a scientist for the Central City Police, Barry Allen suffered an injury at the S.T.A.R. Labs Particle Accelerator, which gave him the ability to move at super speeds.

Working alongside his adopted father Detective West, Barry uses his superhuman abilities as the Flash to help the people of Central City and stop the rogues' gallery of villains, many of whom have also been altered by the particle accelerator explosion.

From the executive producers and creative team behind hit series Arrow, The Flash follows the high-speed adventures of the fastest man alive and airs on Sky One in the UK.

A fully licensed and official publication, every issue of 100-page The Flash will have four fantastic adventures featuring ‘The Flash’ as he takes on the multiple threat of Mob Rule.

As well as the secret origins of the fleet-footed superhero, the launch issue of The Flash will have a special guest appearance from the Green Lantern, about the pair’s first meeting.