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Men in 4-D

Bauer Media yesterday unveiled ‘4D Man’, the findings of a major new year-long research study designed to throw new light on men's motivations, needs and pressures today. Geoff Campbell, who led the research, provides a brief summary.

By Geoff Campbell

The ‘4D Man’ study gathered consumer insight through focus groups, online blogs, video diaries and Bauer Media’s ongoing men's brand-tracking studies. Several recurring themes arose which were then examined further with leading academics in the areas of evolutionary psychology, sociology and media studies to provide a clearer picture of the social context and pressures on young men in the UK today. In total, the extensive study spoke to over 1,500 men aged 15-40.

A key outcome from the research was recognition of an emerging generation of confident and individual ‘4D’ men of substance with varied interests and passions who live by a more individual interpretation of masculinity than their predecessors

Bauer Media has a long history of commitment to investing in developing compelling consumer insight. We are looking forward to sharing this research with our customers and demonstrating how we use it to relentlessly innovate to meet the evolving needs of readers and audiences, and the needs of advertisers who want to reach and interact with men.

Despite the ongoing challenge for magazine circulations, particularly in the men’s market, our number of interactions with men in the UK is bigger than ever. We now engage with and have a dialogue with a male audience more often and in more places than we did even at the height of the men's magazine market.

In understanding what drives our male audiences, we are able to build influential brands that deliver relevant, fresh and engaging content.

The trust in which brands such as FHM, Q, Empire and Car, are held by consumers enables them to exist wherever men go – on the page, on air, online and at live events.

But at the heart of these brands remain great magazines – influential within their industries and engaged with their audiences.