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Monocle launches ‘The Winter Weekly’ Newspaper

Following the success of its four Summer Weekly newspapers, Monocle is returning to the presses to deliver a winter expedition into crisp white paper, say the publishers.

Monocle launches ‘The Winter Weekly’ Newspaper

Throughout December, Monocle – The Winter Weekly will be on newsstands each week for EUR5/GBP5/CHF8/USD10, bringing readers a snowier, high-altitude view of the world—from gritty reports to fireside fiction reads. Edited out of Zürich and London, Monocle - The Winter Weekly has been designed to inform, entertain and inspire – and to leave readers primed for 2018, say the publishers.

Monocle - The Winter Weekly will also be the new exclusive home of a weekly essay by Tyler Brûlé, picking up the legacy of his former column in the Financial Times, Fast Lane. Premium brands including Rolex, Omega, Jeep, Peninsula Hotels and Tirol will have targeted marketing creative in the first issue. The reach of the weekly paper will also be expanded beyond European hubs to alpine resorts across the Continent and North America.

Wintery reading in the first issue will include an exclusive gothic Christmas tale from Alex Preston (As Kingfishers Catch Fire), a look at how the cookery school got hip, and Monocle's top recommendations on where to sleep, eat and kickback in the new year.

Monocle - The Winter Weekly checks in on the business side of winter by taking a look at how Georgia (not the American one) is trying to get a slice of the global ski trade. A report from the battle lines of Swiss ice hockey investigates how even cosy Davos attracts fanatic, ultra-style supporters of the sport. And the night-time economy is a new buzz concept the world over, but what’s life like in a city where, come winter, it is always night? In a story accompanied by beautiful photography, Monocle welcomes you to Trømso, Norway.

As more and more people discover trendy Portugal, Monocle investigate Porto’s bid to become the new home of architectural thinking helped by Alvaro Siza, one of the most highly regarded architects of his generation. Creators of a different kind show why Vienna is the home of an up-and- coming community of graphic designers.

An in depth report introduces readers to the leading players in the battle for the Arctic’s rich resources, including why China and even the Scots want a piece of the action. The entrepreneurial spirit of China is also on show in a report on the Chinese brand determined to make the country an international player in the world of luxury fashion.

There is also an interview with John Kasich, the governor of Ohio who lost in the primaries against Donald Trump. This die-hard conservative is coming back for another round in 2020, and here he shares a very critical view of his president.

Other highlights include what key entrepreneurs want to achieve in 2018, why Japanese parents are loving a book called Professor Poo and how Cambridge’s Kettle’s Yard became Britain’s best small museum.

Monocle - The Winter Weekly will be on sale at selected kiosks in Alpine nations, snowy resorts, key capitals, transport hubs and financial centres from Thursday 7 December. It will be printed and distributed from Switzerland.