Newsstand Launch: Ours Magazine

Ours Magazine, the alternate monthly magazine from Omni & Co, targeting the “conscious and critical citizen” has its newsstand launch on 30 October, priced £6.90.

According to distributors COMAG Specialist: Launched in February but only available from selected outlets in and around London, Ours Magazine is a multicultural title of artistic and social expression for the conscious and critical citizen, who is curious about the world around them and wants to learn more.

Dedicated to accepting cultures, sharing talent, challenging ideas and encouraging social examination, Ours Magazine does not ‘feed’ information to readers, but rather it invites them to share, explore and discover various people, places, creations and ideas.

Aimed at men and women, Ours Magazine readers are generally affluent, ambitious and adventurous people, predominantly aged between 20 and 35 years.

Showcasing exceptional talent through artistic expression, discussing social, economic and political issues, individuals and organisations who share their ideas for creating a better world, Ours Magazine also acts as an open-minded diary for the art of living and travel.

Every issue of Ours Magazine addresses a thought-provoking theme that sparks conversation with a sharp and studied point of view, delivering an inventive and sophisticated experience to its audience of informed an opinionated readers.

Having covered such subjects as sustainability, gender roles, religion in previous editions, the newsstand launch issue will tackle the thorny topic of madness, in all its various forms.

As well as this in-depth discussion piece, issue No.1 of Ours Magazine will have a look at the life and career of Maximilian Büsser, founder of luxury Swiss watch maker MB&F, investigate the science of killer robots and examine the phenomenon of the witching hour.