OpenAthens joins ALA

OpenAthens, an identity and access management specialist, has announced its membership of the American Library Association (ALA).

OpenAthens joins ALA
Jon Bentley: “Joining ALA as a corporate member was a no-brainer.”

Founded in 1876, ALA is a national organisation providing resources to inspire library and information professionals to transform their communities through essential programmes and services. For more than 140 years, the ALA has been the trusted voice of libraries, advocating for the profession and the library’s role in enhancing learning and ensuring access to information for all, says OpenAthens.

OpenAthens joins ALA’s roster of member organisations, including its global partner EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO), as a corporate member. ALA membership brings visibility in the marketplace to organisations across the world and offers member-to-member access to buyers and decision makers in the library community. OpenAthens says it will now be able to connect with more than 53,000 individual and 5,000 organisational members of ALA.

The OpenAthens team has worked closely with libraries since its inception, providing remote access to resources across the globe.

Becoming part of ALA’s extensive member list strengthens OpenAthens offer of providing fast and efficient access to knowledge for all library users, including alumni.

Jon Bentley, Commercial Director at OpenAthens, commented: “ALA is the is the oldest and largest library association in the world. Thanks to its ever-improving programming, a focus on advocacy, professional and leadership development, and information policy, ALA is making a difference for libraries and those that work in them. Because of these initiatives joining ALA as a corporate member was a no-brainer.

“Being instantly connected to a network of dedicated library professionals not only bolsters our own offering but helps us inform our customers and join wider conversations on industry topics.”

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