PageSuite builds new app for Kuoni Travel

Built using PageSuite’s latest app CMS, PageSuite Infinity, the new Kuoni Travel app gives users full access to current brochures, videos and store locations as well as direct links to their website.

The app provides access to editions of the Kuoni Magazine, which can be downloaded and viewed offline. Users are able to save whole editions of the magazine or relevant individual pages to maximise app efficiency. Users of the Kuoni app are able to navigate through the brochures with ease, by scrolling and swiping through the pages; as well as the new function to pinch to zoom, focusing on areas of pages of particular interest for an enhanced reading experience, says PageSuite.

The design of the Kuoni app is enhanced by the implementation of one of PageSuite’s pre-designed templates available within the Infinity portal. The ‘Edition Banner B’ template enables the main publication to be displayed along with a full archive of the Kuoni Travel brochures.

Shane Barnard, Kuoni’s Senior Marketing Executive, said: “After working with PageSuite previously, I bought them in to modernise the current brochure app we had. We are looking forward to utilizing the geo-location function which will allow our customers to get notifications when they are close by our retail store. The app is another perfect platform for sending “rich” material to our customers and allows them to be engaged with everything we are doing. We are looking forward to trialling new things with them as well.”

According to PageSuite, the idyllic desert island splash screen, branded headers and brochure covers contribute to the overall in-app experience. The Kuoni Travel app is now free to download to smartphones and tablets for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.