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PCS partners with Creative Workflows to drive magazine industry growth

Software developer PCS has formed a partnership with Creative Workflows – an independent publishing consultancy firm, created and driven by magazine industry veteran, Sean Briggs.

Briggs, who headed up the publishing systems and workflows in place at Hearst, will assist PCS in an advisory role as the technology partner looks to capitalise on recent successes and grow in the magazine sector, says PCS.

PCS Sales Director, Iain Smith, said: “we are delighted to be working closely with Sean as we start to target magazine publishers. As our successes in the newspaper sector continue, we are re-focusing on magazines to assist with the overall growth of PCS and are thrilled we will be able to tap into Sean’s expertise to boost our approach.”

Smith continued, “we hope that working with Sean will not only aid our position in the sector, but will also enhance our understanding of the challenges which magazines are facing day to day – challenges we are confident we can help solve with our solutions.”

“This is an exciting time for PCS to be engaging with magazines”, said Briggs. “Publishers are learning from the newspaper environment how to capitalise on the benefits which the ever growing list of today’s channels can provide, as well as looking to operate in the most effective ways possible.”

“The technology PCS has developed, and continues to develop, will enable publishers to seamlessly adopt the required levels of hybrid print and digital working to realise and maximise such benefits with much needed efficiencies. I look forward to working with PCS to ensure that publishers can take advantage of their solutions.”