Quartz launches Quartz Africa membership

Quartz, a digital news publisher, this week announced the launch of its new Quartz Africa membership.

Quartz launches Quartz Africa membership
Ciku Kimeria: “We have built Quartz Africa to be a leading resource on innovation, technology, business, and startups on the continent.”

Expanding on one of its flagship products, Quartz will cover more of the innovation and market-moving stories in Africa, say the publishers. Membership options will include a monthly fee of $9.99 or annual fee of $59.99 and will grant access to exclusive Quartz Africa content, including the Quartz Africa Edition of Quartz and the newly created Quartz Africa Member Brief.

Sent out every Wednesday, the Quartz Africa Member Brief is a members-only newsletter that aims to provide a deep dive into the startups, innovators, and sectors that are driving Africa's technological boom. The emails will explore case studies of companies making a significant impact on larger sectors of industries and economies. The Quartz Africa Edition, which was previously only accessible through the standard Quartz membership, is now available as a separate product.

“We have built Quartz Africa to be a leading resource on innovation, technology, business, and startups on the continent,” said Ciku Kimeria, Quartz Africa Editor. “With the Quartz Africa membership, we now have the ability to spotlight these topics and dive deeper into the stories, companies, and sectors readers have been engaging with. The Member Brief email was designed for readers who want more specifically to understand where and how innovation and business development is happening on the continent. We’re excited to begin this new chapter of storytelling within Quartz.”

Quartz Africa Membership also includes sign-ups for Quartz’s free newsletters, the Quartz Africa Weekly and the Quartz Daily Brief. Delivered on Sundays, the Quartz Africa Weekly covers news and culture from the continent, local developments, emerging industries, important companies, and inevitable complexities. The Quartz Daily Brief shares the most important and interesting news from the global economy. Current Quartz Africa Weekly subscribers will receive the Africa Member Brief email for a limited time as a free preview of the Quartz Africa membership.

“We launched Quartz Africa in 2015, because we saw that there was so much innovation, experimentation, and problem-solving happening in Africa that wasn't being covered in global business media. Since then we've built a loyal audience of entrepreneurs, investors, and other professionals with interests in Africa on the continent, in the diaspora, and around the world,” said Katherine Bell, Editor-in-Chief of Quartz. “Quartz Africa is our second geographically based vertical membership, after Quartz Japan, and we're exploring other regions for opportunities to build new email-based memberships. With half our reporters already living outside the U.S., being a truly global newsroom is crucial to our mission to make business—and capitalism itself—better.”

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