Readly launches instant ‘Articles’

Readly, a digital magazine subscription platform, is launching a new service dedicated to bringing curated articles from publishers directly to its readers.

Readly launches instant ‘Articles’
Ranj Begley: “For publishers, Articles sparks interest in their title through content that matters to the individual reader.”

‘Readly Articles’ will provide readers with an alternative way to read content in the form of an individual, stand alone digital magazine feature. TIME, Hearst, Future and Perry Publishing are some of the publishers offering their articles to Readly subscribers.

Readly will curate, extract and add a digital-first reading experience to featured articles. Compelling stories, in-depth reports and interviews will be presented in a carousel at the top of the user’s screen based on curation from the app's editorial team, highlighting to the reader articles of interest based on their profile and previous magazine reads.

The UK will be the first market to roll out Readly Articles with Readly’s other markets following over the coming year.

Ranj Begley, Readly UK MD and Chief Content Officer said: “Although the average user session on Readly is 21 minutes, many of our readers consume magazine content in shorter sessions, on the go. This exciting new feature is an article feed developed for those moments, making it easier for readers to discover, explore and enjoy content the second they open the app. For publishers, Articles sparks interest in their title through content that matters to the individual reader. The original magazine is just a click away encouraging the subscriber to go on to read the whole issue.”

Readly Articles will become another source of data with next generation analytics. Readly are currently developing an analytics tool powered by 22bn data points for publishers to gain reader insights and benchmarks for content as well as advertising. The data provides learnings about readership behaviour, demographics and read times, says Readly.

Nima Boustanian, Chief Product Officer at Readly said: “Readly focuses on long tail content monetization and will push the right article at the right time to the right user. Some articles that are considered ageless, such as documentary articles can be displayed in the feed time and time again. That could potentially mean a better long tail effect for print articles that are digitized resulting in increasing revenues. This is just the start of a new chapter as we constantly seek to innovate; personalized content, audio and video function are all possibilities for the future.”

Readly Articles is available for Readly subscribers on mobile from today. The service will roll out on tablet over the coming months. Readly Articles due to be published include:

  • Esquire - Talk Talk, an aural history of the podcast
  • TIME - The grey wave set to hit China
  • Business Traveller - Plugged in for electric vehicles

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